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I introduce myself, I'm Jean-François Ey, exporter of French and Spanish wines for 3 years, with more than 15 years of experience in the wine world. From New Zealand to Sweden, and after 10 years in the U.S. promoting wines from all over the world and selling their wines to the best American shops and restaurants. I now do intensive research and careful selection of wines from all over France and Spain. My export company works closely with 40 family estates, with a portfolio of nearly 250 wines that I have now decided to put it online.There is a little chance that you know these wines because they come from small growers, and are mostly produced in limited quantities. firstly an online store, is the future platform for real wine club that will allow you to discover the wines of Domaines, how they are made and by whom. The winemakers behind these wines are passionate craftsmen and exciting artists!

The better you know a wine, the better you appreciate it!

Wine is a pleasure beverage, which can be assessed at different levels. You do not need to know everything about a wine to enjoy the drink; though the more you know the more you appreciate! So here on we will tell you as much as possible!


MonClubdeVin in his first release will allow you first of all find out more about these wines and winemakers. Subsequent versions will give you the opportunity to develop your own wine club.

The selection method :

In order to select the best winery in a specific region, I immersed myself several days in each area to taste 100-150 wines per day from the same appellation, enjoying well known wines as well as dozens of unknown winemakers. This allowed me to choose one or more of these exciting wines!  

Do not forget! Wine as life, should be appreciated every day!
A Molts Anys!

Jean-François Ey

Banyuls, Roussillon, South of France February 6, 2013


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